Building Wealth Intelligently
LockCreek strives to create consistent, sustainable value for our investors.

Welcome to LockCreek Capital

LockCreek Capital, a division of LockCreek, Inc., is a leading alternative asset management firm focused on control-based investments in real estate debt and equity securities. Our focus on stable income, principal protection and higher yields, combined with our highly rated customer service, makes LockCreek the go to resource for alternative investments. We provide attractive capital solutions to investors and borrowers from our strong investment culture, commitment to exceptional performance and uncompromising integrity.
Through the mortgage loan servicing, brokerage and property management operating affiliates, LockCreek is uniquely positioned to offer investment products that benefit from the operational resources and knowledge capital that flow across the LockCreek platform. We provide investment strategies where our portfolio management team maintains an identifiable competitive advantage created by the firm's resources, market expertise, and local property market penetration.


Creating Value

LockCreek Philosophy

LockCreek employs a collaborative, multi-disciplined approach to investment execution.

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LockCreek looks to capitalize on the smart-growth movement and socioeconomic trends that favor higher-density, urban-style living.

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Investment Funds

Our Team


LockCreek makes both debt and equity investments in real estate through seperately managed and commingled funds.

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LockCreek Divisions



LockCreek has built a multiple vertically integrated real estate divisions to assist the firm in managing investments.

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